Ultimate Guide to Hashtags

4 min readOct 18, 2022

What works best is choosing which hashtags to use and how many.
Simple? Actually, no.

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What do hashtags mean?

The networking function of social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and TikTok is the hashtag.Posts marked with “tags” can be found in hashtag categories. Using a hashtag just means adding the hashtag sign (#) before the name of the category to which your content belongs.

How to decide which hashtags to use

Since hashtags are categories, you should mention the hashtags that your goods or services fall within. These are terms that are associated with your goods, services, characteristics, and advantages. Your choice of category for a car care center would be automotive parts, auto repair, or auto maintenance. For example, #carcarecenter, #carrepair, #carmaintenance, and #automotive parts

That would be #lifecoach, #spiritualcoach, or #businesscoach for a coaching service.

You may also mention your clients’ locations.

You can use the hashtags #londoncarcarecenter or #carrepairlondon, for instance, if your business is a car care center in London. You can also add #gearheads since car aficionados refer to themselves as Gearheads.

Make the following list:

Real estate is a niche.

Real estate coaching is a specialty.

Target Market: #newrealestate

Manhattan is where your audience is located.

Your post’s subject is “#howtobuildarealestatenetwork.”

Combine and contrast — #manhattanrealestate

How many hashtags to use

Facebook hashtag usage guidelines

It is advised to utilize two hashtags on Facebook, one for your niche and the other for your posts.


Hashtags are not required on Linkedin because its search function favors keywords. Your captions should only contain keywords.


I advise using 3 hashtags for TikTok. One hashtag can be a well-known keyword in your industry. The third and fourth hashtags ought to be associated with your post.


It’s advised to start with 11–15 hashtags on Instagram. Two of the fifteen hashtags chosen should have high post density or more than 500,000 posts. There should be thirteen (13) hashtags with fewer than 500,000 posts or a low density. To find out how many posts a hashtag has received, utilize Instagram’s search bar or a premium tool like Flick.

I also advise using 2 primary keywords, 2 location-related hashtags, and 11 post-related hashtags out of the total of 15 hashtags.

When you have the hang of it, start with 11–15 hashtags and progressively expand to 30 (the most allowed).

Never forget to try different things to see what works for you. Keep a collection of the top hashtags for your account in a hashtag bank.

Avoid making the following hashtag errors:

1. Using irrelevant hashtags

You might get football fans if you utilize #superbowl in a post on graphic design. Many people will see your message, but they might not engage with it or follow you since it is not relevant to them. The algorithm will assume that you are publishing about football and will continue to promote all of your upcoming posts to football enthusiasts. The algorithm will become confused as a result.

Although the short-term boost may be enjoyable, it could harm your reach in the long run.

2. Utilizing popular hashtags

Similar to what was stated above, adopting hot hashtags may increase reach but may also confuse the algorithm. While it may be alluring to utilize #arianator or #thoughtsandprayers, if they are unrelated to your topic or industry, they could actually work against you rather than for you.

3. Using hashtags without context

Avoid using hashtags that are exclusive to you. One instance is the use of a branded hashtag. I promote my account using the hashtag #adccreatives, but it has little effect other than to boost my ego. Only promotions and if you publicize count as exceptions.

To help you get recognized and eventually expand your account, only use hashtags that are extremely relevant.

Boundary Hashtags

Some of our favorite hashtags, including milf, besties, so gorgeous, and Miley Cyrus, are prohibited. If you publish using a prohibited hashtag, Instagram or Facebook may not promote it, and you risk further restrictions. safer to be safe than sorry. You may look for prohibited hashtags on Google. Check to make sure every few months, especially if you intend to utilize hashtags associated with holidays. In 2022, “Valentine’s Day” was outlawed.

What and where to hashtag

In the captions, use your hashtags.

It takes more than just hashtags.
Without engagement, your hashtags won’t be effective. On social media, be engaging. Like, follow, comment, respond to stories, and reply to direct messages.

Without posting useful material, your hashtags won’t be effective. People consume content for two purposes: entertainment and issue-solving.

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