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4 min readOct 16, 2022

Quickly turn away from bad decisions. Pivot iteratively and get it right!

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95% of bloggers fail, according to a New York Times story.

It is clear that following blogging tips do not always result in success. And as the world of search engines becomes more competitive, it could seem impossible to make money blogging right now.

Adam Enfroy argues the opposite. He is a skilled writer who increased his audience to 450,000 readers each month and informed me he brings in $80k per month despite spending nothing on advertising. In a recent interview, I had the chance to sit down with Adam and ask him how he swiftly expanded his blog.

#1 Hammer down on scaling instead of writing content

Developing a side business while working a full-time job might be difficult with a limited amount of free time. “When I first discovered how to create a blog, I was working a demanding full-time job that required 50 hours a week. I had to figure out how to scale my processes so I could spend my time in the most meaningful ways,” says Adam. He began to outsource certain components of his blog — he hired a team to write first drafts and an assistant to help with link building and guest blogging.

“It didn’t cost much and gave me more time to focus on developing relationships and influence in the online world, which is what he describes as his specialty.

“I couldn’t have scaled if I were just a frustrated writer who spent her evenings banging away at the keyboard, penning each and every word by hand. Every word on isn’t written by Jeff Bezos, and bloggers shouldn’t have to do everything themselves either.”

Adam’s plan was successful. He authored more than 120 pieces on his site and more than 100 guest posts in less than a year and a half. Just seven months after starting his blog, Adam’s blog revenue exceeded his full-time salary, and he permanently quit his job.

#2 Start Monetization Strategy right at the beginning

Most bloggers are advised to write about their interests and afterwards figure out how to make money from those interests, according to Adam. The three main elements of this strategy, according to Adam, are affiliate marketing, content, and keyword research.

“Bloggers, however, frequently fail because they are unable to make the change from writer to business owner. They begin with a burning desire in mind, write for years, become discouraged when it fails, and give up. You’re considerably more likely to be successful if you flip the script and design your monetization approach before you ever begin.”

“These three disciplines must complement one another. For instance, you need to determine whether your issue can genuinely make money before you even start your keyword research to see if people look for it.” Adam states “For instance, if I’m a fitness blogger, I might rank for fitness suggestions, but it might be challenging to monetize that content. What if I was the top exercise bike expert and encouraged people to click on my affiliate links? The possibilities for earning money varyˀ greatly.”

Adam suggests using a combination of review list posts and how-to guides to increase blog revenue in addition to clicks and visitors.

You need a balance of high-traffic content and ones with high intent that bring in money, according to Adam.

#3 Making mistakes if fine, Identifying and Fixing them is the key

Even though starting a side business that allows you to quit your day job requires courage, Adam argues it’s acceptable to make errors. “Blogs are actual, animate beings. You merely need to give yourself the opportunity to change course if you experiment and fail”, Adam states.

“I’ve attempted to build incredibly specific niche websites in the past and given up when they failed. By starting a blog for my personal brand, I have the flexibility to modify and change my content approach if one aspect doesn’t work “Adam goes on. “I committed a lot of errors. I began writing on Squarespace before moving to WordPress. I wrote a lot of travel-related articles, which I have since erased. I added advertisements on my website far too late, and I haven’t even started my online course yet.”

Adam is transparent about his errors and shares them with his 35,000 email subscribers and his Facebook group of 3,500 aspiring “Blogpreneurs.”

“I recorded this information so that others wouldn’t have to repeat my errors. Everything is worthwhile if I can support the next generation of bloggers.”

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