Learn to Re-Purpose your content to Grow a Blog 10x

5 min readOct 17, 2022

Every content creator strives to provide their best work with the least amount of work.

Since urgent client work frequently takes precedence over our own, we readily accept that we don’t always practice what we preach. However, we are aware of how to give you the maximum benefit possible from each piece of content. And now we’ll demonstrate how.

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Why reuse?

Let’s talk about why you should turn one blog post into 14 pieces of content before we get into the method.

The explanation is that research takes between 50 and 75 percent of the time and effort required to produce new blogging. That holds true for the majority of original content.

What you’re really doing is maximizing the value of the time-consuming research phase.

The research you undertook to create the blog post, combined with your own company’s experience, should have led you to some useful insights that are worth sharing.

Let’s dispel a frequent misconception about repurposing first: that it takes little time.

Repurposing takes time. For your other platforms, you’ll still need to invest in time and effort to provide the best content. You cannot just copy and paste text from one location into another. It must be changed to fit the platform and target audience.

However, it is quicker since the time-consuming research stage, which can take hours or even days, can be avoided.

Ways to Repurpose Content

Here is our step-by-step tutorial on how to reuse one piece of material in 14 different ways. As an example, we’ll utilize the blog post you’re currently reading.

Anchor Content

Whatever you choose to call it — anchor, pillar, cornerstone, or hero — this is the first component that needs to be understood. It nearly always involves a lengthy piece of content, like a blog article.

As a result, this weblog, which is quite meta, serves as our anchor content for How To Turn 1 Blogpost Into 14 Pieces of Content.

Since neither we nor our audience uses all of these platforms, we won’t give examples for each one of them.

But if that’s where your target audience is, we’ll demonstrate how we did it for ours and provide examples of how we might do it on other platforms as well.

#1 Post to your company page on LinkedIn.

We’re lazy, that’s a secret! Instead of creating 14 new pieces of content from start, we’d want to use one piece of content in 14 distinct ways.

Are you equally lazy? Find out how to join our club of lazy writers by reading our most recent blog article, How to Turn One Blogpost Into 14 Pieces of Content.

Awaiting you at the pool!

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2. Email Newsletter

[Email Subject] newsletter Can you really obtain 14 bits of content from only one?

(Email Preview) Revelation: You can. And we’ll demonstrate how.

[Email Body] Writing fantastic content is demanding. It may require several days of research, numerous hours of writing and rewriting, numerous hours of editing, and up to one hundred cups of coffee.

What if, however, a single piece of material had a 14-fold greater impact?

It can.

Check out our How To tutorial here if you want to use some shortcuts that will increase your output while decreasing your input.

3. Checklist

Would your blog post make a good checklist to download? If so, make one so that once you’ve shared your ideas, your readers will have an action plan to follow.

4. Instagram Post

With our detailed instructions, maximizing one weblog is simple. Learn how to turn one blog article into 14 outstanding pieces of content. A hop, skip, and a leap (to our bio — for the article link) will get you the inside scoop.

5. Medium Post, Apple Post, and, Other News Article Platforms

You can expand your thought leadership by reposting your essay on Medium, Apple News, or other online channels. However, if you post the same information on your own website and on Medium, our SEO colleagues at StudioHawk advise that you set up a canonical tag from the Medium post to go to your own website.

https://help.medium.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033930293-Set-a-canonical-link explains how to achieve it. By doing this, you can be confident that Google will recognize that the article on your own website is the original and that you have given permission for its syndication to Medium.

6. LinkedIn Head of Content written Post

I don’t know about you, but before I write any long pieces of content, like blog posts, I usually spend hours, if not days, doing research. Sincere to say, if it’s for a client, I frequently spend that much time on short-form as well.

I’ve thought of a ton of different methods to ‘repurpose’ that content to make the most of my research dollars. Repurposing is still a labor-intensive process, but it eliminates the research phase, which takes up the majority of the time when creating content.

I’ve provided a step-by-step tutorial so you may complete this on your own. In the first comment down, a link

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7. Twitter Posts and Social Meda like Facebook, TikTok, and the lot

Are you trying to find strategies to shorten the time it takes you to produce content? Here’s an easy solution: reuse it. To read our free guide, click here: How to Create 14 Pieces of Content from One Blog Post. #copywriting

8+ Miscellaneous

  • Include your blog article in a white paper.
  • Create a webinar for it.
  • Use it for the “stories” portions of social media.
  • Make an infographic with the conclusions.
  • Create a downloadable PDF to turn it into a lead generation magnet.
  • Three months, six months, and a year later, repost the blog entry to your social media accounts.

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