8 Marketing Content Ideas for a Month

5 min readOct 15, 2022

Building a product is one thing. Selling becomes a thing in itself when it comes to business.

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Every month, I can almost ensure that you as a business owner wonder what to post.

alternatively, you take way too much time to think it out and make plans.

I’m going to guide you through over 31 various social media posts and content marketing ideas in this article that you can utilize again each month to keep your audience interested in and engaged with your organic social media channels.

Before we go into this, you really want to understand who your audience is in-depth.

You’re interested in finding out what interests them:

  1. Their biggest pain points
  2. Their biggest questions

Knowing your audience will make all of this so much easier.

Define your business goals

Because once you are aware of your target market and your objectives, You’ll make it to the mined goal. Because at this stage, you are well aware of what needs to be done to draw clients to your goods or services.

Okay, let’s get going now.

1. Feedback

Here, you’re only requesting comments from your viewers.

For instance, if your company specializes in house renovations, you may ask customers which type of kitchen they like best.

  1. Contemporary Cusine
  2. Country Cusine

If you sell running shoes, you could ask your customers which brand — Nike or Adidas — they prefer.

There are so many choices available that I am confident you will find something that works.

2. Options

The second option we’ll discuss is called A, B, C, or D; it’s identical to the last one but instead gives the person four choices.

This might be their opportunity to select the one they liked most.

They might also get to pick the one they like least.

For instance, if your establishment serves just American cuisine, you might offer pizza, chicken wings, hamburgers, and french fries available for photo ops.

You can state if you are forbidden from eating one of these for the rest of your life.

Ask your audience which one they would choose — A, B, C, or D — and invite their comments.

3. Materials or Tools Involved

Another suggestion is to discuss the various supplies or equipment used in your company.

if your company operates online. This might be one of your regular programs; highlight a fun information that you’ve learned and share it with others who might find it useful.

You can discuss the actual materials that are used in various products if you sell physical goods.

The reasons behind your decisions or the equipment used to create some of these products.

Especially if you sell actual goods, people want to know where things come from.

4. Feature a client

To really spotlight one of your clients is a fantastic additional concept.

This might be centered around who they are as a person or what you were able to assist them with.

It’s putting a client or consumer in the spotlight and making them feel good.

They will be greatly motivated to share that kind of material with their audience, which will enable them to reach a larger audience.

The same could be said for highlighting another business in your area or industry.

People love to be flattered and if you can be the one doing the flattering they in fact have a much higher likelihood of sharing that content exposing your business to new potential customers.

5. Before and After

The before and after is yet another choice I adore.

Before and after photos are not only used by fitness and health-related enterprises.

They are not only found in the beauty industry; every product and service has the potential to change the user in some way.

You must comprehend your transformation in order to write an article that highlights the before and after.

A before-and-after comparison in the case of a marketer or social media manager could be as simple as screenshots of the outcomes prior to and following your collaboration with that individual.

6. Quick Tip

One of my all-time favorite kinds of organic posts are quick advice.

You have a lot of short tips that only someone with your level of experience would know.

So you should immediately start disseminating those suggestions.

If the value is there and if it will benefit someone, they will think of you every time they use it, whether it be one simple line or a picture.

7. Pros and Cons

Cons and benefits would be another excellent illustration.

This may be relevant to your offerings. It may have something to do with you, your competition, or your industry.

It can be connected to the actual behaviors of your clients or prospective clients.

You merely need to be alert for comparisons with advantages and disadvantages in anything that pertains to your organization.

8. Trends

Every industry experiences trends, whether they are based on the goods and services offered, the market orientation, the type of business, or the sourcing.

In the automotive sector, where electric vehicle trends are on the rise, I’d like to draw attention to potential distinctions between the vehicles of today and those of the next five years.

These are pretty excellent article ideas. Possibly concentrating on the issues that are important to you.

It can be a very natural fit for you to work for Habitat for Humanity if you are in the remodeling business.

Working for an animal rescue organization could be a fantastic fit if you are in the animal industry.

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